Shot Show 2022 attendees saw our premier shooting stalls firsthand. The booth includes multiple layers of safety features and dramatically improved sound absorption materials.  Shooters can stand in a new, fully-branded stall and be surrounded by hardened steel envelope that’s designed to capture ricochets or misfires.

In the past, range owners were forced to settle for what was available: standard, cookie-cutter stalls that were all made the same way.   Any significant safety features required a hefty financial upgrade fee. Noise control was unheard of; they got a bare-bones, run-of-the-mill stall.

Rushing Ranges Fully Brandable Shooting Range Stalls Make The Old Stalls Obsolete Overnight

Rushing Ranges’ stalls were designed with range owners in mind: each can be branded according to your business taste. If you want clean designs with a dramatic, modern appearance, we will make it to suit your preferences. If you want rugged features with bold, old west style, we can do that too. Our design team will work with you to get your look just right. However, appearance and aesthetics are just the start of what the premium stalls offer.

We say that the stall features are made to suit your needs as the owner, but your clients will think we designed our Patented stalls just for them.  Each stall has a unique contribution to make to the overall environment and safety features of the entire range — all while working to keep you profitable. For example, while you experience drastically lower operating costs than your competitors who chose any of our outdated gun range contractor competitors, your shooters in your new Rushing Range-made stalls will enjoy cleaner air, quieter shooting, and private, luxurious surroundings that will keep them coming back again and again.

Enhanced Safety Features Come Standard With Rushing Range Stalls

Unlike our competitors, we don’t stop at the bare minimum when it comes to the quality of materials we use, and the safety features of your shooting range stall.  Instead, every aspect of our stalls exceeds industry standards – and you will only get them here at Rushing Ranges. Our patented stalls have layers of strong, ultra-hardened steel that form an envelope of safety around the shooter. In addition, they come with sound-absorbing materials that bugger the noise and discomfort that causes so many headaches in competitors’ stalls. The result?  You get better-looking, longer-lasting stalls that are safer, quieter, and more visually impressive stalls for your clients to enjoy, and the stalls are so efficient that you, the owner, will be more profitable.

Walk In And Try Some Of The Rushing Ranges Premium Stalls And Experience The Difference Yourself

If you missed the opportunity to visit our booth at Shot Show 2022, then give us a call and schedule a time to visit a Rushing Ranges shooting range near you. We will take the time to guide you through the many features the stalls provide, as well as the many other innovations and enhancements that come with an optimized Rushing Range. You will get a chance to breathe the clean air, experience the relatively low impact of shots being fired safely down each lane, and see how the advanced technologies we employ end up making a huge difference in the quality of each shooters’ experience, and reduce the management and financial headaches of the upcoming generation of range owners.

To schedule your personal visit to a Rushing Ranges near you, call 832.791.5521.