Rushing Ranges embraces innovation and significant improvements in an industry that has resisted change for decades. Our entire focus is on improving each element of the range, from the initial design concept to the nuts and bolts of building, to opening, and working with you to operate a profitable range.

We started by reinventing the treated air and HVAC systems. The biggest, best-known design-build firms were coasting on decade-old technology – and range owners across the country were paying dearly for their lack of innovation. Ranges in hot climates couldn’t afford to cool their facilities, while cold-climate ranges couldn’t afford heat. The cost and heavy labor requirements for keeping range air at a safe level were so high, range owners across the country were cutting corners and praying OSHA wouldn’t come calling.


The results of our innovations were so impressive, our competition couldn’t understand how we made it happen

We slashed the cost of energy consumption to just .73 per hour/per lane, cut filtration costs by 75%, and totally revolutionized heating and cooling at the same time. The Rushing Range system is capable of heating or cooling a bay by +/- 40° In Less Than 10 Minutes, PLUS – the air quality is so pure, it’s cleaner than fresh air from outside.


Our engineers improved each element of the range - and revolutionized the industry

Rushing Ranges has the capability to deliver superior technology, concepts, and design to get your range started on the best equipment on the market. Equipment that didn’t exist until we invented it within the last ten years. We found where competitors got greedy and cut corners with design or by using low–grade materials, and we re-engineered and reworked each item until it was superior by a wide margin.


Rushing Ranges offers the entire package with essential experience & meticulous eye for details

This includes drawing plans, building or remodeling, and core knowledge of the SERVICE side of the shooting range business. The necessary steps are understandably demanding – and to be effective, a contractor must eat, drink, and sleep the range industry. These fine points are more critical than you would suppose. When the dust of construction settles and owners open and operate their unique facilities, our clients appreciate our insight and ability to help with every phase of the project.

Don’t get crushed by your competition by choosing inferior technology

Make the Smart Decision

Get A Major Advantage Over Other “Slow To Adapt” Ranges

Uninformed gun range owners continue to invest in the typical range equipment without realizing that their decision will have long-term, negative effects. In fact, a range with the standard equipment will always struggle to compete with a range powered by a Rushing Air system.

Rushing Range Clients Don’t Just Get A “Nice” Range…

They Get a Masterful Design/Build Product 

Do NOT settle for a traditional old-time contractor when something as essential as your shooting range is on the line. Our service is just as critical to your success as our technological innovations and our workmanship. Our ability to improve on technology, plan, budget, schedule, and execute. We get the job done.

Rushing Ranges Equipment & Advantages:

Sam Houston Retriever

Unbelievable wireless technology and a far superior battery system solves major problems with other retrievers.


Innovative design improves collection, reduces payroll hours, and minimizes noise pollution.

Air Filtration/Treated Air

Maintain air purity that is far beyond what OSHA requires – and at up to 75% less cost than alternatives.


Now range owners can maintain comfortable temperatures inside the range without the high cost.

Responsive Team

Since the Rushing Range equipment rarely has any issues, our response time is usually in minutes, not days or weeks like our competitors. And the list of improvements goes on, and on, and on.