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We started a wave of innovation in a stagnant industry. The founders of Rushing Ranges are lifelong firearm enthusiasts, and after being amazed by the problems that were apparent to them when they frequented gun ranges. Ranges that were too hot or too cold and filled with hazy air. They had a dank, constant smell of gunsmoke.

Over Time, We Identified Chronic Problems That Were Sapping The Lifeblood From Range Owners

Jay Reis
After spending 16 years building small service business franchises around the U.S. Jay’s neighbor Brian decided to pry him away from building businesses around the country & to start building his own business in an industry that provides more joy and family than he could imagine. READ MORE >>
Kara White
Kara White, the ever bubbly and incredibly detailed professional, joined Rushing Air in 2018 after spending several years changing and innovating an industry that did not change for close to 20+ years. Kara spear headed designs that are now found in live fire ranges all across the U.S. READ MORE >>
Brian Rushing
Brian co-founded Rushing Air Treated Air Systems in 2014, after several years of research and development with range owners, Brian designed a ventilation system that slashed operating costs by 60% and helped revolutionize a stagnant industry. Brian leaned on his 30 years of experience in the mechanical heating and cooling niche. READ MORE >>
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Range owners suffered from these common problems:

  • Musty smell/Poor air quality
  • Lead in the air
  • Energy costs (way) too high
  • Retrievers breaking down
  • Retrievers with battery problems
  • Wireless retrievers disconnecting
  • Noisy – ranges are too loud
  • High cost of air filtration
  • Poor use of square footage/space
  • Lack of personal branding options
  • Slow repair times
  • Poor manufacturer communication
  • Baffles breaking down/creating air filtration mess
  • Dangerous levels of lead in the air
  • Unable to afford heating
  • Unable to afford air-conditioning
  • Difficulty maintaining legal air quality and meeting regulatory requirements



The ventilation systems of the past were poorly designed and not up to the task of purifying the indoor air. In addition, range owners simply couldn’t afford to heat or cool their shooting range. It was too expensive. We identified a heap of design flaws and weaknesses. Most systems are operating on antiquated, 30-year-old technology. We designed and put a new Rushing Ranges Treated Air System to the test. We were all shocked at just how well it really worked. It aced every test imaginable, far surpassing federal guidelines for indoor air quality. The range owner’s operation costs plummeted because the Rushing Range system required so much less energy and—due to the specific engineering design—it utilizes cost-efficient filters instead of the expensive filters required by the other systems.

The numbers seemed too good to be true. However, month after month the Rushing Ranges system kept delivering significantly better results than all the competitors’ systems. Over the years we refined the design until it the current version – and it’s so much better than the others’ that it’s absolutely a no-brainer in the industry. Rushing Air is the safest, simplest, most efficient, most user-friendly and cost-effective system on the face of the planet. Period.

Now, Rushing Ranges equipment and entire ranges are in use all over the United States. What’s unique about Rushing Air is the total customization of every unit we install. We work with you to achieve a perfect balance of design, development, infrastructure and performance based on your unique needs and geographic location.  Each unit is a one-off masterpiece of design, specifically tailored to the individual range it serves. They are successful in achieving outstanding numbers in every region of the country. In the dry heat of the desert, in the humidity of the Southeast, and in the frigid winters of New England, Rushing Ranges is keeping indoor ranges comfortable and perfectly ventilated, and operating at a new level of efficiency.



Examine each page of our site and you will see that the Rushing Ranges team continues to elevate the standard of performance for design, equipment, operation, and maintenance. Since our systems perform so well, we can keep a streamlined team of select industry leaders to lead each department. We aren’t a massive, unfeeling “one size fits all” corporation that has to pay massive salaries to multiple layers of managers and vice presidents. Since our systems have an elite level of performance, we focus on quality, and the results are for the range owners to benefit from, year after year.