Range Turnkey Concierge



Partner with someone who knows exactly what to do to create your successful range. We roll-up-our sleeves and take you from where you are right now, to welcoming your first customers.

If you are considering becoming a first time range owner, or if you are looking to expand and want executive direction and assistance through the entire process – then our Range Concierge Partner Service may be a good fit for you. We know what, how, and when to take each step to make your range a success.



Your Gun Range Roadmap

Precisely Designed To Achieve Your Dream

Work with confidence, side by side with an experienced shooting range veteran. Our sophisticated and full scope service is so broad that it can assist you with everything from the first ideas to the final opening and operation – and we provide the critical experience and insights along the way to get the job done. We execute a complete analysis to create a written plan with specific and realistic steps to take that will lead to a successful range. We assist you to complete the unique combination of requirements – and make the pathway clear. There are numerous safety and zoning requirements that must be fulfilled – and for good reason. After all, people should be handing and discharging firearms there thousands of times a day. Our unique partnership makes it possible for you to receive the necessary data so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

What Your Concierge Service Can Do For You

Building firearms ranges is a unique niche, and you won’t find the level of specialization, expertise, or experience by just bringing in a general contractor or architect. This option is for a personal guide and mentor to help you manage the details from plans, working with local governments, building contractors, equipment providers, and more.

1. Intentional Profile

Our approach initially focuses on you: how you think, and the unique motivations and goals you envision for your future. This is not ambiguous, “feel-good” chatter – it’s literally pointing the direction for practical steps we will immediately take for your design. The purpose is to make those decisions that will make the range empower you to tap into your greatest strengths, and maximize your influence for lasting impact.


Identify whether a significant opportunity exists, and perform initial assessments of opportunities and limitations, including property zoning, required approvals, and other factors.


A professional, in-depth audit of the potential property, and the best way of going about bringing your business goals to pass. This may include potential locations, perhaps including undeveloped or existing facilities.


Assistance and guidance through the process of obtaining the real estate through the appropriate process.


​Work through the necessary and significant amount of paperwork and legal requirements necessary to operate a range.


Identify and leverage appropriate financial strategies to get the best structure and financing options available.


Discovery and appropriate strategies for maintaining appropriate environmental standards.

6. Coordination with Architect

There is a specific language and method architects use. Our familiarity and knowledge of architectural processes and requirements allow us to transfer information to them early in the process in a way that makes the entire design/build process efficient.

financial plan:

Project budget and business planning, identifying what financial options you have, and where and when to spend your budget. This also includes working to optimize the budget to maximize your buying power.

municipal factors:

Working with local zoning laws and necessary government decision-makers in completing the necessary preparation requirements.


Guidance through the details of contracts, including advice and options that can enhance your ownership advantages.


Work through the various steps to ensure that you have proper utilities and meet zoning requirements.


Experienced eyes working to ensure that your build is going according to plan.


Assistance with negotiating prices and value of the needed equipment and other amenities for your property.

Schedule A Time

to discuss your options

Call and let’s discuss if it might be good to get our concierge team involved. You’ll get a broad and experience base within an efficient organizational structure that works to assess potential, formulate strategy, and provide insight on all that’s necessary to turn your dream into an open and operational gun range.