Sam Houston™ retriever

The Revolutionary Rushing Range Sam Houston™

Retriever Delivers the Ultimate Combination of Industrial Toughness and Touch Screen Finesse

So easy to operate, new customers can master the system in minutes. Our intuitive touch screen display is based on smartphone technology, making it easy for new users to operate the system with virtually no learning curve. Shooters of all ages and skill levels will love how easy and fun it is to operate our system. The result? Your range will provide shooters with productive, enjoyable sessions – without the frustrations, they’ll experience at other ranges.

We Identified A Need And Developed A Phenomenal Solution

Unlike unstable communications our competitors’ retrievers have, rushing’s wireless system stays connected

We eliminated many components like signal redundancy that add weight and unnecessary complications and components that will eventually fail. Instead, we innovated the technology to provide reliable connectivity despite the heavy concrete and steel range environments. The secret to the superiority of the Sam Houston™ Retrieval system is the backbone built on our rDrop Technology™. This breakthrough technology uses frequency-modulated compressed high-intensity radar pulse spread spectrum radio which is far more reliable than wifi.

Rushing Ranges developed a way to overcome all the most common problems with retrievers. Until now, no one has figured out how to make wireless retrievers work consistently inside a shooting range. The heavy concrete and metal construction wreak havoc on Wi-Fi connectivity. We turned to a team of Swedish engineers to deliver the industry’s most robust, reliable retriever, and it is only available at Rushing Ranges.

    rDrop Technology Eliminates Connection Disruptions

    This means range owners who choose Rushing Ranges for their retrievers will not experience the downtime and connectivity problems that haunt range owners operating on inferior technology all across the country. The rDrop technology is so effective, the Sam Houston™ retriever controls operate effectively up to 3.6 kilometers away.

    Expert Assistance In Minutes – Not Days Or Weeks

    Ranges that rely on the Sam Houston™ Retrievers rarely need troubleshooting help. However, if you ever need assistance, our team can log in remotely and diagnose problems within minutes instead of days or even weeks.

    We deliberately made the Rushing Range Retriever of a lighter weight, smaller design with an emphasis on eliminating as many moving parts as possible. The result is our ultra-reliable, easy-to-operate system. You will find that this system sets the new standard for retrievers in the shooting range industry.

    For the first time ever,

    Our engineers have developed a wireless retriever that boasts the reliability of standard cable systems, but with lighter weight, lower maintenance, superior speed, and a constant reliable connection. Your clients will enjoy seamless, uninterrupted shooting.

    Connectivity and Battery Innovations

    Range owners know that retrievers can have a huge negative impact on each shooter’s experience. The reason is twofold: 1) short battery life, and 2) poor Bluetooth connectivity. Both involuntarily interrupt a shooter’s experience and leave them frustrated – and likely looking elsewhere for a better shooting experience.

    Eliminate The Problem Of Short Battery Life

    Other retrievers have a cordless battery pack with short battery life. When a retriever is downrange for an extended period of time, the retriever returns to recharge because of a low battery. Short battery life means that while a shooter is still active, the retriever will typically automatically “DOCK’ at the home station to recharge.

    Solve common Mechanical Problems

    Every time a shooter has to stop their session due to an interruption in service or because of a mechanical problem, you risk losing that customer for life. If you choose the wrong retriever, you make a long-term investment in a system that is bound to cause interruptions, equipment malfunctions, or require your customers to adapt to learning to use an antiquated retriever system.