Each Stall Is The Culmination Of Our Attention To Detail

Combining Safety, Technological Superiority, And Luxurious Branding

Rushing Range stall designs achieve what was thought to be impossible

a drastically improved customer experience with the lowest operating costs in the industry.

Six Factors that Make our Stalls
The Absolute Best In The Industry:


If you trust a different contractor with the creation of your shooting stalls, you will almost always only feature ballistic safety only up to 7’ a.f.f. In contrast, Rushing Range Stealth Stalls™ feature ballistic integrated into every aspect of the stall design and construction. From the floor to the safety ceiling, completely encompassing the shooter in an envelope of ballistic safety.
With each stall designed with safety as the leading characteristic, your range provides drastically safer surroundings for both shooters and staff. The Stealth Stall™ feature specially designed angled blast panels help divert harsh concussion reverberation away from your shooter, providing a much more acoustically comfortable experience for your shooter.
Each stall contains the toughest wear plate in the industry to create an abrasion-resistant surface that is ultra-durable and reliable. The hardness of the steel is not surface-deep but is maintained through the core of each plate. As a range owner, you’ll face less exposure to accidents and decreased liability.


Your Rushing Ranges Stealth Stall™ walls are constructed much like the walls of a Shoot House. Each shooter stands surrounded in a cocoon of thoroughly hardened AR500 steel. This protects adjacent shooters from errant shots AND protects shooters within the stall. The stall walls form a safe zone cavity that acts as a ricochet catch for your shooters. This design ensures that should a round discharge within the stall, that round will pass through the wall fascia, splatter on the AR500 steel within the wall structure, and remain contained within the wall – thus protecting shooters from their own ricochets.


Our revolutionary Sound Suppressor™ technology is based on opera house acoustics. Each stall is designed with internal walls at an angle that is specifically calibrated to carry the percussive noises down the lane. This design works to protect the hearing of your shooters and your employees. In addition to the sound safety features, but many range owners report that shooters stay longer because they aren’t subject to as much noise fatigue. These longer times in your range can lead to more profits.


Since we develop each stall as a customized piece, each stall can have your unique brand. They can be designed and branded however you wish. However, we don’t want you to be overwhelmed by the endless opportunities. That’s why our LEED AP certified Design Team is at your service during the entire process, from your earliest vision to the finished product. We specialize in extending your carefully crafted brand from your showroom into your range. When our job is done, there won’t be another range on the planet like yours.


The ReFresh™ system provides a constant supply of treated fresh, clean air while whisking away gasses and other airborne contaminants. Shooters enjoy a comfortable breathing environment, unlike anything they’ve experienced at other ranges. Since the ReFresh™ system uses a simple Venturi effect to move air, there are no moving parts in the stall to maintain or replace. Operation is extremely economical. Shooters breathe cleaner air, and you have an ultra-efficient system that makes it easier to earn a profit.


Your Rushing Ranges Stealth Stalls™ will be an investment that will provide ongoing, reliable, safe shooting for your customers in a way that will set you apart in the marketplace. Your Rushing Range Stealth Stalls™ carries the only 10-Year Warranty in the industry. That means you will have ongoing peace of mind – outstanding coverage for a decade. Feel free to request your copy of the Stealth Stall Warranty. In addition, your 10-year warranty will be delivered in writing along with your installation. To find out more about our unmatched Warranty, click here.