Rushing Ranges’ Baffle Design

Turns A Rudimentary Device Into A Hidden Advantage

The baffle design was almost ignored for nearly sixty years until Rushing Range engineers redesigned it with significant improvements. Traditional baffles had one job: stop bullets from hurting people and damaging your facility. 

New Baffles Are Strengthened By Steel Instead Of Wooden Two-By-Fours, So They Last Much Longer. Baffle sections can be angled or fitted at 90 degrees. Rushing Ranges can assist in your selection of baffle options and your recommended baffle placement as a part of Rushing Ranges design package. And since our baffles are built with steel that’s lighter and stronger than the wooden two-by-fours our competitors use, our product lasts longer and is easier to maintain.

Baffles Are A Secret Way Of Controlling Your Range Noise. Range baffles are cleaner and quieter thanks to our exclusive sound abatement material. Each baffle includes sound abatement technology that works to muffle the sound of impact downrange. We don’t use fragile, messy ceiling tiles to cover our baffles. Instead, we use high-tech porous expanded polypropylene panels (PEPP). Nothing deadens sound like PEPP material, and it isn’t destroyed by bullet strikes.

At Rushing Ranges, we were determined to create a baffle that delivered a greater advantage to Rushing Range owners

Until now, baffles were doing the job if they prevented bullets from damaging your facility or the people inside.

As baffles wore out, they were simply replaced with new versions of the same old technology. At Rushing Ranges, we were determined to create a baffle that delivered a greater advantage to Rushing Range owners.

Old baffles trapped lead – And over time, the weight of that lead damaged the facility. Other baffles trap lead inside, building tremendous weight over time. Not only does this extra weight cause damage, but it also requires a lot of labor hours to collect and recycle all that lead.

The major flaw in the popular baffle design used by our competitors –Examine the baffles along the exterior walls of ranges built by our competitors and you will see a series of 2×4’s in a crossing arrangement to form multiple squares. This forms a framework that they use to attach a substrate, often composed of plywood or OSB. Our competitors’ design also includes some sort of sound abatement material. Some of them will use Troy acoustics material which is made of concrete and wood.

Anytime we can create something that requires less effort to maintain and lasts longer than previous generations of baffles, then we have made the range owner more profits from their range. That’s why we set out to design a baffle that was clearly superior to the outmoded technology that nearly all other ranges use. The result is that our baffles are cleaner, tougher, and require less labor to keep them maintained.

We Replace The Traditional 2X4 Design With C-Purlins For Dramatically Superior Results

At the end of each Rushing Range lane are vertically mounted C-Purlins. This simpler, lighter weight, more durable design and material allows for bullets to enter the sound abatement material PEPP which is far cleaner than our competitors’ materials. The lead bullet passes through and falls onto the ground, ready for (highly profitable) recycling.

With Rushing Ranges Baffles, Your System Provides Significant Advantages, Including:

  • Lighter – less stress on the structure, and requires less maintenance. 
  • Far more durable.
  • Generates more revenue by allowing the lead to be captured.
  • Cleaner – so it’s better for your team, your customers, and your filtration system.


But the real magic is our unique lead collection system. Instead of accumulating lead over a long period of time, the unique Rushing Range baffles stop bullets on impact, allowing them to drop harmlessly to the floor. Clean-up and recycling these bullets is drastically easier than cleaning up after traditional baffle designs.


With Rushing Range’s new 21st century baffles, shooters in your facility will experience a range that is quieter and cleaner than other ranges using inferior technology. As a range owner, you’ll have less maintenance, require fewer replacements, and keep payroll hours down due to faster, easier lead collection.


If you want to learn about how our redesigned baffles can improve your experience and profitability as a range owner, call us and schedule an appointment. We will answer questions and provide suggestions that can help you determine what’s best for your situation.