Get Industry-Leading Equipment

With No Money Down

Now you can lease Rushing Ranges equipment and start saving money – and getting started couldn’t be easier. We are now offering financing options that can help your range payments be so low, the benefits can nearly pay for the range on their own.

No Matter Your Budget, You Don’t Have To Settle For A Second Rate Air Treatment System. In the past, saving money over time would require more money upfront. Some range owners making tough decisions about how they wanted to invest their capital would sometimes choose an air treatment system offered by our competitors. Then, because those air filtration systems are so expensive to operate, it was often difficult for those range owners to ever switch back to a Rushing Range system.

With Rushing Ranges’ leasing option, the most advanced Conditioned Air Displacement System is now the industry’s most affordable

What Makes This Leasing Option Possible?

Rushing Air is now partnered with a firm that specializes in construction loans that can make your project more affordable, and help you obtain the capital you need. Here are some notable highlights:

  • Up to 84-month terms with rates starting at 2.9%
  • Fast, paperless application process with 90% approval rate
  • Specialized credit products designed for building equipment
  • Finance your range in phases and reduce interest payments
  • Leverage energy and operation savings to make payment
  • No money out of pocket for the borrower
  • 100% online process with approvals often in less than 2 hours
  • No financials required for amounts under $100,000.00