wireless retriever

Finally, A Wireless Retriever 

You Can Depend On

Cutting-edge technology keeps wireless retrievers working for shooters – and reduces costs and headaches for owners. Across the shooting range industry, owners longed for a solution to the problem of wireless retrievers constantly going offline, or returning to home to recharge. Rushing Ranges’ elite Sam Houston™ Wireless Retriever solves these problems – and makes wireless retrievers the ideal option for the modern range.

Easy Wireless Connection

Wireless retriever connects through proprietary network technology.

Stays Connected

The retriever stays connected, even in gun ranges made of dense concrete and steel.

More Uptime, More Profits

Connected retrievers keep your shooting lanes active, avoid frustration, and make more profits.

Setting A New Standard

For Wireless Retriever Technology

We began by rejecting everything about existing wireless ranges. No heavy, clunky material. No unreliable WIFI technology. No more heavy, low-charge batteries. Our design called for lighter, stronger material, premier batteries and a new application of the more reliable Bluetooth technology. The result is as good as we expected: a wireless retriever that stays connected, and capable of cycling thousands of times without interruption.

the new global leader

In Wireless Retrievers

In the past, wireless retrievers caused problems for owners when the went offline, required recharging, or just broke down. Range owners had to wait for weeks or months for a qualified repair technician to come out onsite and fix the old technology – only to have it break down again. The Sam Houston Wireless Retriever solves those problems.

Want To Learn More? Read about the advantages of the Rushing Range Sam Houston™ wireless retriever technology here.


Old Technology Uptime (Approx)


Sam Houston Retriever Uptime Average