Your Range Will Be Open + Operating

while others troubleshoot breakdowns

Range owners prefer our Rushing Range equipment for many reasons. We have always focused on making your ranges safer and more comfortable, ensuring that your team and customers breathe clean air, making your systems last as long as possible, and saving you money.

Safer Ranges

From the initial design to specific material selection, Rushing Range uses market-leading material to ensure that your customers are safe – from misfires, ricochets, toxic lead, and damaging noise.

More Comfortable Bays

No range contractor can come close to matching Rushing Range Treated Air systems. Nowhere is the disparity between ranges clearer than in a side-to-side comparison of our treated air systems and those that competitors offer. Rushing systems offer 40% to 80% savings plus far better results. Rushing Ranges never recirculate air. Our systems will help you exceed every federal regulation for indoor air quality.

Long Lasting Filters

Instead of “pushing” air through the range, we use low and high-pressure zones and filters on the EXHAUST side of our system where contaminated air is processed and vented outside. Rushing Range places less stress on filters and keeps your customers and team members breathing fresh, clean air.

Better Baffles

By innovating the design and materials used for baffles, we reduce air pollution, waste, help retain more lead for recycling, and extend the life of the baffles.

Strong Connections

Instead of disconnecting, breaking down, and constantly needing recharging, the Rushing Range retrievers stay connected and can cycle thousands of times without recharging.

Affordable HVACS

Ranges were considered too expensive to heat in cold climates, and too expensive to cool in hot climates – until now. Our HVAC makes it easy to keep your range at a comfortable temperature year-round and can heat or cool individual bays +/- 40 degrees in just minutes.

Waste Reduction

Each target is made of stronger materials that last longer than standard targets offered by our competitors.