Shooting Range Stalls Just Became A Major Competitive Advantage

Rushing Ranges’ stalls are different than competitors’ stalls in several ways:

Our patented stall designs work to reduce the noise level around your customers while helping with airflow.
This decreases the dependence on forced air and expensive fans having to “push” the air down the lane. Range owners are surprised at how much these design improvements can reduce operating costs.

  • Physical Design
  • Noise Reduction
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Improved Airflow
  • Personalized Branding
  • Energy-Saving Design

Until now, range stalls were  ordinary, cookie-cutter boxes that offered minimal safety, little noise reduction, and had a negative impact on airflow and energy use.

Advanced Safety Features Come Standard – Not As An Upgrade

Unlike our competitors, we don’t stop at the bare minimum when it comes to quality and safety. Walls, floors, and ceiling have enhanced, hardened steel with properties specially gauged to steer misfires away from the shooter and others in the range. In fact, every aspect of our stalls exceeds industry standards thanks to our patents and innovations.

Your Stalls Can Have Your Unique Branding. Work with our design team to enhance the appearance of your stalls. The impact of your stalls will help establish your brand and increase loyalty among your customers. The result of these innovative improvements impacts your customers’ safety and enjoyment – and saves you money. Customers will enjoy cleaner air, quieter shooting, and private, luxurious surroundings that will keep them coming back for more.