Make Money Without
The Downtime, Work, Or Risk

And Get It Faster Than Any Other Lead Abatement Service In The Industry

Here’s How Our Premier Lead Abatement Service Works: If you perform lead abatement service before it’s really necessary, then you waste money. However, if you perform lead abatement service on your range AFTER the optimal time, you will end up with fewer profits – and potentially damage your range.

The Rushing Range Advantage: Guesswork vs. Precise Data Tracking. Most range abatement services have imprecise, non-scientific ways of determining when to recommend lead abatement. At Rushing Ranges we don’t guess when you need service. We track data that allows us to pinpoint when you need to have your range serviced. We have an advanced method that allows us to determine the optimal time with precision

Rushing Ranges


When do you need service?


We know exactly when your range needs service. No guesswork. We collect real-time data from your range to determine when it’s time to reclaim the lead from your traps and the brass from your floors.


Guess or go by arbitrary numbers like our competitors. It’s like driving a car without a working gas gauge.

How Long Does It Take?


Sixteen Times Faster Mining Service. We can mine 10 lanes in as little as six hours–16 times faster than our competitors.


Several days. Other service providers require your range to be shut down for days so they can perform their tediously slow, outdated mining process.

What Do You Do
With The Lead?


Once we’ve mined your range, we separate and clean the metals so you don’t have to do it yourself. We package and deliver it to our recycler who pays top market value.


They package and deliver the lead to their recycler and either pocket the entire amount, or give you a small percentage of the proceeds.

Can I Make Money From The Lead?


We split the profit with you. We pay you 50% of the reclaimed lead value. You get 50% of the profits, for no work! Since we are done 16 times faster, your range can re-open faster, generating more profit.


Plan to close for several days. That means you will lose revenues while their painstaking mining process goes on, day after day. They used to keep all the proceeds from the reclaimed lead.

Provide safety


Safety Check: we perform an onsite inspection to identify if there are any potentially dangerous ingots or structural damage that can only be found during reclamation.


Not (or rarely) available. Usually there is no additional inspection performed. If you want them to inspect your range you need to pay extra for that.

Free Filter Replacement?


Since we take such pride in providing the best air treatment services in the range business, we’ll even replace your filters for free.


Not available.

The lead deposited in your range might as well be gold. We’ll extract it 16 times faster than our competition and give you more money for it.

Handling Your Range’s Lead Reclamation

Yourself Is Not Worth It

Of course, you could handle the lead reclamation process yourself, but our clients find it’s faster and more profitable to let us handle it. After all, our teams are already trained, they’re used to the labor-intensive work, and the Rushing Range process is exceptionally fast (we’re often in and out in less than a day), and we assume all the risk.

Do It Yourself Range Owners Aren’t Usually Equipped And Trained To Handle The Job – And They Are At Risk Of Getting Ripped Off. Remember, lead is considered a hazardous material, and most ranges aren’t equipped to handle it properly. It’s simply not worth the risk of fines or getting ripped off by metal recycling companies who know you’re not used to dealing with market prices.

Make More Money – Without The Risk By Enrolling In Our Lead Reclamation Program Today. See if you can benefit from the premier lead reclamation service in the shooting range industry. Call now to learn more about the program and find out if it’s a good fit for you.