Our Trap Designs Are Yet Another

Significant Improvement Over Traditional Designs

Rushing Ranges revolutionized what was a stale and static trap industry. We created stronger, longer-lasting designs. They reduce costs, cut downtime, reduce air contamination, and help you be more profitable. Whether you choose our affordable and effective rubber traps or our unique J-shaped steel traps, you’ll get cutting-edge technology that outperforms the outdated competition.

Rushing Ranges’ Steel J-Traps Set A New Standard For Trap Design

The familiar snail-shaped steel trap design has lasted so long because it works.

However, there are drawbacks we wanted to improve upon.

For instance, the cumbersome round shape takes up too much space and it must be fabricated from relatively thin metal. Further, the design is not modular, which means the entire trap may need to be disassembled for inspection and repair.

We wanted a smaller, stronger trap that is easier to service, which means you have less downtime. That’s how we came up with our revolutionary J-trap design. It captures more lead, reduces space and weight, lasts three times longer than snail-shaped traps, and uses much thicker steel since it’s not necessary to fabricate a tight, circular shape.

Our Steel is rated up to virtually any caliber, and the modular design makes replacing worn panels fast and simple, drastically reducing your downtime. Several removable sections allow for quick and easy inspection and maintenance, which keeps your range running and profitable.

Improved Rubber Trap Designs

Deliver A Superior Result

Rubber bullet traps are popular because they cost less than steel traps. They offer a safe, effective, and relatively quiet way to trap bullets.

long lasting

Rubber also lasts longer than steel, and since Rushing Range traps employ ultra-dense, 2” rubber material instead of the industry standard 1 1⁄4” pieces, these traps last significantly longer than similar rubber traps offered by competitors.

less lead dust

While the ultra-dense rubber is hardened, it causes less fragmentation when a bullet strikes than a steel trap.

reduced stress on filters

With less bullet fragmentation, there is less lead dust to filter from the air.

more lead for reclamation

Less lead in the filters means more lead stored for you to be able to reclaim and recycle. With Rushing Ranges Lead Reclamation service, over time, this recycling process creates a nice passive income stream.

Capture more leads than traditional traps

Decrease ingots with wearable, replaceable impact plates

Extend trap life by approximately 300%

Reduce weight on the range structure

Less welding required

Rated up to .338

(can handle a significantly higher cartridge than standard traps)