What To Look For In The Range Industry To Achieve

The Greatest Return On Your Business Investment

Each Rushing Range innovation in your range gives you a small (or big) advantage and as the cumulative effect increases throughout your entire range, you can monopolize your entire area. The greatest danger to any new range owner is the risk of being uninformed. The shooting range industry is in the midst of a significant renaissance: the industry is shifting from a long period of static industrial copycats and embracing the Rushing Range innovation. If you do what others have done. Be certain to take the time to scrutinize each factor on this list. If you are well informed, each small decision will contribute to your long-term profits and lifestyle.

Here is a line item list of equipment and characteristics future range owners need to consider. Each factor has an impact, and the cumulative effect of making a wise (or unwise) decision has a major impact on your future success.


With the other guys: Cookie-cutter designs and stalls that are most often re-used and re-hashed from previous buildings. Each “new” build is a testament to a total lack of vision, inability to adjust to a unique style, lack of innovation, and a “the past is good-enough” mindset.

With Rushing Range:

Custom designs focused on YOUR unique brand and preferences. Each build reveals a comprehensive vision of design and function, solidified by the finest technologies in the industry.

New builds are setting records for profits, safety, and ease of maintenance. You have the safest, most efficient, advanced shooting ranges in the industry – focused 100% on your brand.


With the other guys: Heavy, overly-complicated power guzzling retrievers. They rely on a wireless/bluetooth connection that constantly disconnects in the concrete and multi-layer walls of a range. Heavy-duty, dual battery systems that cannot keep up with the power demands. Shooters endure interruptions due to the retriever returning “home” to recharge.

With Rushing Range:

Lightweight design that eliminates unnecessary parts. WiFi system stays connected up to a distance of 3.6 kilometers. System is capable of cycling downrange, turning, and back 3000x’s with full lights and used only 25% of its potential battery life.

  • Happier customers, greater uptime, higher profit potential
  • System stays connected
  • Eliminates interruptions for recharging
  • Drastically improved reliability
  • Lightweight system has far fewer breakdowns


With the other guys: Archaic, noisy, forced air systems that guzzle electricity and churn through expensive filters. Systems have difficulty passing OSHA/NIOSH & EPA guidelines. Replacing filters requires significant labor and downtime.

With Rushing Range:

Choose either the 100% Fresh Air System or the ReFreshTM Ventilation System and your range will have the cleanest, safest air available in the industry, almost silent systems reduce ambient noise, keep ranges smelling fresh and clean. Dramatically lower energy consumption.

  • Massive savings: Operating costs cut to just $.45 per hour/lane
  • Only LEED Certified range system
  • Exceeds OSHA/NIOSH; EPA Guidelines
  • Dramatically reduced ambient indoor noise


With the other guys: Extremely heavy and expensive design. Baffles fragment and create significant debris and dust. Design naturally “captures” bullets inside the materials, adding unnecessary weight and preventing your from being able to sell that lead for a profit.

With Rushing Range:

C-Purlins allow bullets to enter the PEPP sound abatement material. This efficiently collects and retains valuable lead for resale.

  • Lighter/ less maintenance
  • Far more durable
  • Captures more lead, allowing for resale/more profits
  • Far cleaner
  • Less wear on filters

To make a wise decision You’ve Got To Understand The Total Cost Of Ownership

Calculate The Total Cost Of Ownership Of Rushing vs. Other Shooting Range Design/Build Firms

And You’ll See That Rushing Ranges Clearly Offers The Best Return On Your Investment

Too often range contractors use deceptive tactics in an effort to win business. This makes it difficult for range owners to make an informed decision regarding which options will be best for their range. At Rushing Ranges, our unique value proposition resides in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the system.

client example

Our client, The Saddle River Gun Range, is an example of how the Total Cost of Ownership works in real life. Saddle River uses a Rushing Range Treated Air System. When the owners were evaluating which treated air system to choose, they had to ask:

  • Do I want what appears to be the least expensive system upfront, or do I want the system that’s providing the best air quality?
  • Will customers notice the difference in air quality soon enough to give me a business advantage?
  • Will the difference in operating costs (lower energy, labor, and filter costs) and increased patronage make it worth investing in the Rushing Ranges’ Air Treatment system?

The owner of Saddle River decided that Rushing Ranges was worth the investment. We helped them determine the cost with us vs with a competitor, calculated by using the numbers below.

hourly cost

$1.00 or $2.00* x Number of Lanes. If multiple bays have individual systems, calculate all of the lanes in the bay when the system is running. You will need to make an adjustment if your lanes are wider than 4 feet or if the baffles are higher than 8 feet.

*As a general rule, allow $2.00 per lane-hour ($0.50 per foot of width) for a shooting range with 4-foot wide lanes and full Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) for Direct Operating Costs

weekly cost

Hourly Cost x Hours per Week that the lanes are in operation.

annual cost

Weekly Cost x 52, or adjust as appropriate for seasonal changes in occupancy.

Saddle River Range (SRR)

annual energy consumption for 2018

Operating costs:
SRR currently has 24 Lanes, however, they rarely use 6 of them because they are reserved for premium members, so, we’ll disregard those lanes and use the 18 lanes that are used frequently. Using the average kWh of SRR, we were able to determine the range was in use approximately 7.8 hours a day for 52 weeks out of the year. SRR’s energy consumption for 2018 is $23,107 and SRR invested $11,376 in filters. This equals a total of $34,483.00.

SRR is operating at a cost of $0.67 per lane, per hour, which includes both filter consumption and energy costs.

Costs w/ Rushing’s Treated Air System:
Total cost: $34,483 / 52 Weeks
Daily operation cost: $663.13
7 Days a week = $94.73
They operate lanes for 7.8 hours a day.
Each lane costs $12.14 a day
18 Lanes = $.67 Per lane, Per hour

Now, let’s calculate what it would cost if Saddle River Range chose the competition’s recirculating system:

$2.00plph x 18 Lanes = $36 an hour
Multiply $36 per hour x 7.8 hours = $280.80 Day
Multiply the number of days they are open: 7 Days (week) = $1,965.60
Finally, multiply the number of weeks in a year: 52 Weeks = $102,211.20

SRR is saving $67,728.20 annually by utilizing Rushing’s Treated Air systems.

Utilizing Rushing’s Ballistic & HVAC Designs:
$.67 x 11 Lanes = $7.37 Hour x 7.8 Hours = $57.48 x 7 Days(week) = $402.40 a week x 52 weeks = $20,925.00

Utilizing the ‘others’ targeting equipment & HVAC:

$2.00 x 11 Lanes = $22 Hour x 7.8 Hours = $171.60 x 7 Days(week) = $1,201.20 a week x 52 weeks = $62,462.40

This means that your investment in Rushing Range’s Systems would net an additional $41,537.40 annually.

Treated Air Financing Options

If you are paying for the Rushings systems with cash, then the Return on Investment (ROI) for the extra cost of the Rushing System would kick in around the 36-month mark (depending on the actual use of your facility). After the 36 month mark, you’ll actually be keeping more profit per month because of the system’s energy efficiency.

If you’re rolling the cost of the Rushing System into a business loan, then the monthly difference between the additional loan payment vs the savings on your energy bill is negligible, essentially negating any additional cost of our systems vs the rest. (This statement, of course, depends on your loan terms).

Our Equipment And Design Have A Far Greater Impact

Naturally, these numbers don’t take into account our system’s ability to reduce shooter fatigue, increase brand awareness while giving your shooters the safety and experience they truly deserve. Our new patented stall diffuser/stealth stall designs are further reducing costs by an additional 30% to the numbers above.