100% Fresh Air & ReFresh Air

Rushing Ranges Offers The Nation’s Best Treated Air Solution For Gun Ranges

Significant Improvement Over Traditional Designs

If You Don’t Have A Rushing Treated Air System, You’ll Have Trouble Competing In The Future. Other range contractors offer outdated air filtration with obsolete technology. In fact, the difference between the Rushing Treated Air options and those offered by other (well-known) range contractors is so drastic, the effect can change the entire trajectory of your range business. With other air filtration systems, you will have:

1. More downtime – due to required changing of filters
2. Lost income because of that downtime
3. Higher payroll costs due to needing to pay workers to replace all the filters so often
4. The opportunity cost of clientele who leave due to the higher rates of downtime
5. The higher costs due to the inefficient, antiquated systems consuming massive amounts of energy
6. Higher costs of heating and cooling because of the same problem: reliance on out-of-date technology

100% Fresh Air System:

Uniquely offers 60% savings in operating costs while providing the freshest air than any other system on the market today. During testing, this system continually achieves the highest standard in the industry for air purity. Your clients will recognize that the air inside your shooting range is cleaner and purer than the air outside.

The Fresh Air system provides 200% more fresh air than the competition. Clean, fresh air – at a fraction of the operating cost of competitors’ air systems. Operating costs are lowest in the industry: Standard competitors’ systems operate for about $2 per lane, per hour.

Our ReFresh Air System operates around $.73 per lane, per hour – meaning you have constant fresh air circulating through each lane for less than half the cost of the competition. With standard maintenance costs and downtime the lowest in the industry, you’ll have the most uptime and the highest air purity standards in the industry.

ReFresh™ Ventilation System:

Offers a lower barrier to entry for range HVAC equipment and further reduces energy consumption by an additional 24%. This is an ideal option for range owners looking for lower operating costs, and a more efficient way of heating or cooling their gun range. High-efficiency energy recycling: the ReFresh™ Air system recaptures expended air and captures its energy in order to reduce the initial energy costs. This system further reduces energy consumption by approximately 30%.

Each ReFresh™ system includes an ionization process that kills the gunpowder smell. Competitors’ air treatment systems cost approximately $2 per lane, per hour. Our ReFresh system operates around $.40 per lane per hour. This system lowers the barrier to entry for range owners who did not want to pay for a Fresh Air system.

Take a look at how Saddle River Ridge saved over $67,000 annually with Rushing’s Treated Air Systems:

Calculate the financial impact of each of these factors – while considering that your competition may be operating with a Rushing Range’s Treated Air System, and the gap may become insurmountable.

Ranges Used To Have Trouble Keeping Costs Under Control And Staying Within OSHA Lead Guidelines - Until Now

Shooting ranges of the past had such high lead content in the air, they posed a serious health threat to the staff and customers alike. For owners to stay under OSHA guidelines they had to regularly shut down and replace expensive filters. Now, shooting range owners can have a Rushing Range system and cut downtime and operating costs by up to 60% – while having air that’s far beyond the standards required by OSHA. In fact, in numerous tests, Rushing Range Treated Air is purer than the air outside.

Two Options - Each The Clear Industry Leader In Their Category

Choose either the 100% Fresh Air System or the ReFresh™ Ventilation System and your range will have the cleanest, safest air available in the shooting range industry, with far less operating costs than competitors’ ranges.