Kara White, the ever-bubbly and incredibly detailed professional, joined Rushing Air in 2018 after spending several years changing and innovating an industry that did not change for close to 20+ years. Kara spearheaded designs that are now found in live fire ranges all across the U.S.

Kara single-handedly changed an industry desperate for innovation & design. Kara’s interior design’s eye comes from 20+ Years of programming and designing high-use commercial interiors including Hospitals, Hospitality, Retail, Commercial office space & Live Fire Ranges. Kara is now LEED AP+BD Certified & is the lead brand strategist for Rushing Ranges. Kara assists live fire range developers bring their vision to fruition. Kara along with her handsome son Tucker, loving daughter Ava & knuckle head boxer (Wayne) call Keller TX home.