An OSHA inspection of a gun range in Elmwood Park, Illinois resulted in a fine of $111,000. The Illinois Gun Works Ltd. received citations for 27 violations, including 13 relating to unsafe lead exposure. The report stated that the facility that offers gun safety courses contained airborne lead at 12 times the quantity permitted by law. 

Range operators were given 15 working days to pay the fine, contest it, or convene a conference where they would be permitted to request additional information. 

Shooting Ranges Powered By Rushing Ranges Treated Air Technology Pass OSHA Standards With Flying Colors

When range owners perform their due diligence and understand the implications of choosing the right air treatment system will have a range that exceeds OSHA’s minimum requirements. Not only do these range owners avoid fines, but they can regularly work in the range environment without the worries of working in an area that OSHA has deemed unsafe.

Allowable airborne lead exposure is measured by permissible exposure limit (PEL). The PEL of lead exposure is fifty micrograms of lead per cubic meter of air (50 ug/m(3)), averaged over an 8-hour work-day. Unless gun ranges have an effective air filtration system in place, both patrons and employees will likely be exposed to airborne lead that exceed the allowable limit.

At Rushing Ranges, We Don’t Just Provide The Leading Treated Air Systems In The Industry. We Help Range Owners Operate More Profitable Ranges, Too.

Years ago Rushing Ranges started as an expert firm bringing leading treated air technology and design to an industry that had grown apathetic. Range air quality was almost universally poor, musty, and unsafe. Owners lived in fear of an OSHA visit. For range owners, it was always a struggle to keep their ranges within earshot of regulatory standards.

We introduced an immediate upgrade that furnished the range industry with a new standard for air quality. What range owners appreciate even more: this new technology doesn’t only cost less to operate – but it saves ranges so much money in both decreased energy bills and labor that Rushing Ranges is clearly head and shoulders above other options.

If you are interested in learning about our industry-leading treated air options, or if you have any questions about other ways to improve the safety and profitability of your range, contact us and schedule a time to speak with one of our range experts.