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How to get the Greatest ROI for your Range Investment

What to look for

Each Rushing Range Innovation Gives You A Small (Or Big) Advantage, And As The Cumulative Effect Increases Throughout Your Entire Range, You Can Monopolize Your Entire Area. The greatest danger to any new range owner is the risk of being uninformed. The shooting range industry is in the midst of a significant renaissance: the industry is shifting from a long period of static industrial copycats and embracing the Rushing Range innovation.

If you do what others have done. Be certain to take the time to scrutinize each factor on this list. If you are well informed, each small decision will contribute to your long-term profits and lifestyle.

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With the other guys: Heavy, overly-complicated power guzzling retrievers. They rely on a wireless/bluetooth connection that constantly disconnects in the concrete and multi-layer walls of a range. Heavy-duty, dual battery systems that cannot keep up with the power demands. Shooters endure interruptions due to the retriever returning “home” to recharge.

With Rushing Range:

Lightweight design that eliminates unnecessary parts. WiFi system stays connected up to a distance of 3.6 kilometers. System is capable of cycling downrange, turning, and back 3000x’s with full lights and used only 25% of its potential battery life.

  • Happier customers, greater uptime, higher profit potential
  • System stays connected
  • Eliminates interruptions for recharging
  • Drastically improved reliability
  • Lightweight system has far fewer breakdowns


With the other guys: Archaic, noisy, forced air systems that guzzle electricity and churn through expensive filters. Systems have difficulty passing OSHA/NIOSH & EPA guidelines. Replacing filters requires significant labor and downtime.

With Rushing Range:

Choose either the 100% Fresh Air System or the ReFreshTM Ventilation System and your range will have the cleanest, safest air available in the industry, almost silent systems reduce ambient noise, keep ranges smelling fresh and clean. Dramatically lower energy consumption.

  • Massive savings: Operating costs cut to just $.45 per hour/lane
  • Only LEED Certified range system
  • Exceeds OSHA/NIOSH; EPA Guidelines
  • Dramatically reduced ambient indoor noise


With the other guys: Expect to get essentially the same traps that have been in use – without innovation – for nearly 100 years. The trap design was excellent in 1920, but by today’s standard, they use cheaper, thinner rubber materials, cause an unnecessarily high amount of debris/dust, cause unnecessary strain on filtration systems, and a significant amount of lead ends up in filters instead of being available for re-sale/recycle.

With Rushing Range:

Rushing traps are made of materials that are: Longer-Lasting, Ultra-dense, Tougher, and Hardened material still causes less bullet fragmentation. Reduced Stress On Filters: With less bullet fragmentation, there is less lead dust to filter from the air.

  • Rubber traps certified To Last 5X Longer
  • Reduced stress on filters
  • More lead for re-sale/profits
  • Increase Range Revenue
  • Light Years Ahead of Safety Guidelines


With the other guys: Extremely heavy and expensive design. Baffles fragment and create significant debris and dust. Design naturally “captures” bullets inside the materials, adding unnecessary weight and preventing your from being able to sell that lead for a profit.

With Rushing Range:

C-Purlins allow bullets to enter the PEPP sound abatement material. This efficiently collects and retains valuable lead for resale.

  • Lighter/ less maintenance
  • Far more durable
  • Captures more lead, allowing for resale/more profits
  • Far cleaner
  • Less wear on filters